Av Theatre Group Activities:



“O The Lo!” a conception of Othello by W. Shakespeare, director: Amir Afshari, AV Theatre House, Nov 2014


Performance of “Gilgamesh” playwright: Av Group, directing team: Babak Mohri, Soheila GhodsTinat(Florida) Elpida Soltani (Amsterdam) Tina and Michael Ulfik (online- Berlin) , Av Theatre House, Fall 2012

  • Participating in 31st International Theatre Fadjr Festival – International competition- award in Music of the Performance; Tehran-Iran, winter 2013
  • Participating in “Wandering Theatre Festival” Gardzienice-Poland, fall 2013

 Performance of “Melpomene” playwright: Av Group, director: Babak Mohri, Av Theatre House, winter and spring 2013

  • Participating in 32nd International Theatre Fadjr Festival – International competition; Tehran-Iran, winter 2014

Performance of “Melpomene- outdoor (cave)” playwright: Av Group, director: Babak Mohri, Roodafshan Cave-firoozkoh, 17th May 2013

Performance of “Ghader Moghtader” and “Archive”, playwright and director: Babak Mohri, Av Theatre House, Nov & Dec 2013

  • Participating in 4th  Independent Monoleev Theatre; Tehran-Iran, fall 2013


Performance of “Farsh e Irani; ghermez, narenji, zard, sabz, aabi, nili, banafsh” (Persian Carpet; red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo and violet carpet) playwright: AV Group, director: Babak Mohri, Av Plato, May 2012


Rehearsal-performance of “Where is the end of the sky?”(Entehaye Aseman Kojast?), Play writer: Dr. Naghmeh Samini, Directiong by Babak Mohri, plato of Av House, Spring and Summer 2011

Performance of “The Bacchae” by Euripides, directing by Babak Mohri, Plato of Av House,Tehran,2011

Performance of” The Bacchea’s gathering”, Designing and directing by Babak Mohri, E´ast Gallery, Darakeh, Tehran, Jul 2011

Performance of “The Land of the Sun”(Sarzamine Khorshid), A musical play, Playwriter :Mohsen Etemad Saeed, Music arrangement by "He & His Friends Music Group", Directing by Babak Mohri, Av Plato, Tehran, Nov and Dec 2011

“Yalda” ceremony, Av Group and the audience, Av House, Tehran, Dec 2011

2009 – 2010

Celebration of Av meeting with the audience, Tehran, Jan 2010

Gathering-Performance of “ Wheat, Wheat flowers”(Persian name: Gandom, Gole Gandom), Molavi Hall, Tehran, March 2010

Performance of “Abraham” (Ebrahim), directing and designing by Babak Mohri, Varish Mountain, May 2010

 Performance of “Ajax”, Writing by Sophocles, Directing by Babak Mohri, AV Plato, Tehran, 2010

 Script reading of“ Ghader Moghtader”, Play writer: Babak Mohri, Directing by Soheil Aarabi, Av Plato, Tehran, Aug 2010

 Performance of “ Tom and Bozboz ghandi”, A children’s play, Paly writer: Av Group, Designing and leading by Babak Mohri, Av Plato, Tehran, 2010

 Script reading of “The Mouse”(Moush), Play writer: Babak Mohri, Directing by: Amir Afshar Karaji, Av Plato, Tehran, Sep 2010

 Script reading of “The Wedding”(Arousi), Play writer: Darya Sedaghat, Directing by Babak Mohri, Av Plato, Oct 2010

Performance of “Ardvi Sura Anahita” Play writer: Av Group, Designing and leading by Babak Mohri and Soheila Ghods Tinat, Av Plato,Tehran,2010

“Yalda” Ceremony , Av Group and the audience, Av House, Tehran, Dec 21, 2010



• Mesr desert, March 2009

• Varish village and Mountain, March 2010

• Kesheh village and Karkas Mountain, May 2010

• Daryasar plain and Sialan Mountain, Aug 2010

• Kordan village, Oct 2010

• Anahita Temple and Kazeroun city, Nov 2010

• Mesr Desert, Apr 2011

• Oraman Village, Kurdistan, May 2011

• Simin Dasht Village, Firoozkooh, May 2012

• Hormoz and Gheshm island, south of Iran, Jan 2014 (with the cooperation of Gardzienice group)

• Varzaneh Desery, May 2015

Other Activities of AV

• Holding two seasons of script reading, Project manager: Soheil Aarabi, Av Plato, Tehran, summer, fall and autumn 2010
• Holding seasons of "Av Method acting workshops", Project manager: Soheil Aarabi& Amir Afshar karaji, Av Plato, Tehran, 2010- till now
• “Creativity in writing with the help of opposite hand” workshop (Persian name: khalaghiat dar neveshtan be komake daste mokhalef), teacher: Darya Sedaghat, Av House, 2011
• Researching and writing of “ Methods of workshop play writing”(Shiveh Namayeshnameh nevisi kargahi), written by Babak Mohri, under publication
• “Creative plays for children, playfulness of drama” workshop (sheytanathaye namayeshi), project supervisor: Samira Tangshir, director: Babak Mohri, Av House, Sep 2010
• Writing, designing and publication of “ Inon ‘s adventures”(majarahaye inon), A story book and comic strip, graphic designer: Samineh Ettefagh, writing by Samira Ettefagh, Amir Afshar Karaji and Soheil Aarabi
• “The Creation, from play writing to performance” workshop (Afarinesh,az negaresh matn ta ejra) in partnership with Ms. Soheila Ghods Tinat from England, Project manager: Soheil Aarabi, Av House, Oct and Nov 2010
• “Eyvan Tamasha” Project, A call for art groups (drama, music, performance,…) to perform in plato of Av House, hosting by Av Group, summer 2011

• “To the height we are standing on”( Be bolandaye jayee ke istadeh im), A documentary-fiction movie, inspiring from “Isomerization Project” in Shahid TondGooyan Oil Refinery Company, Project manager and director: Amir Afshar Karaji, summer 2011
• “Ganjaab” advertisement performance, Project manager: Soheil Aarabi, Iran 7th international fair of water and sewage industry, summer 2011
• “Riding to the bright and dark lands”(takhtan be sarzaminhaye roshan va tarik), A theory-drama workshop, project supervisor: Mona Sohrab haghighat, teacher: Babak Mohri, the first course:” what we know, don’t know about drama” including getting familiar with the different methods and approaches from the beginning till now, Dec 2011
• Holding “ afternoon tea with dramatic literature”, the first course : reading” Sophocles’s works”, Plato of Av House, Dec 2011
• Forming the editorial board and publication of “Man” magazine, project supervisor: Amir Afshar karaji (Zahra Fooladvand), A magazine about theatre and drama, supervising by Av Group, winter 2011

• Holding “ Afternoon tea with dramatic literature”, the second course : reading” Shakespeare’s works”, Plato of Av House, winter and spring 2012

• Workshop “Bazigar dar jaryane moharekhaye mohiiti!” (Meeting with her (impulse) in 7 days), in follow of request of 15th International Iranian Festival of University Theatre, May 2012

• Holding “ Afternoon tea with dramatic literature”, the third course: reading Bertolt Brecht's works”, AV Theatre House, winter and spring 2012

• Holding courses of "Av’s Acting Club", Av Theatre House, 2010

• Hosting and producer of "Gardzienice company in Iran" project, to participate in the 32nd International Theatre Fadjr festival, winter 2014

 "Iran and Poland 2015" workshops project, masters: Jacek Timingeriu and Kaisa Timingeriu from Poland, in collaboration with Aftab theatre company and Poland embassy in Tehran, Apr 2015 

 "Iran and Italy 2015" workshops project, masters: Riccardo Vanuccini from ArteStudio, in collaboration with DA theatre House and Imam Ali Society, Nov 2015