About Av Theatre Group

AV Theatre Group established first independent/private dramatic art house with its public theatre place in Iran. A place which was a home for new idea and new performances. It defined new soul and character for independent/private theatre. AV Theatre Group has been founded by educated engineering and management and theatre specialist since 2009. The vision and strategy of “AV” members have been formed based on the integration of their thoughts and glance of industrial and management alongside their artistic and success experiences. AV performs its performances base on musicmovementdialogue and interactive participating of audiences” which are the AV theatre style

  • Founder Members:

Babak Mohri

Amir AfshariKaraji

Soheil Aarabi

Mehdi EtemadSaeed

Davood Alavi

Samira Tangshir

Pooya Pirozram


  • Active and in charge members:

Amir AfshariKaraji and Soheil Aarabi (Artistic Directors/co-Leaders)

Mona SohrabHaghighat

Mehran Afshordi

Roxana Ghari

Neda Asghari

ُSoheil Aarabi

Amir Afshari Karaji

Mehran Afshordi

Mona Sohrab Haghighat