Goals and Manifest

AV Goals:

Perhaps a day which is not very faraway, we gather in a mount or in a plain. We want to watch theatre in a way which we dance and whirl and we want it as we are in celebration all together, you and us.

We look at theatre as an enjoyable accident just as the way we look at the birth and companionship and we applauding for its merriment. It doesn’t sparkle in our mind, even for a second, to impress you without merriment think of inviting you without energy or having the desire of being without friendship.

You know, for us the theatre is a movement like dance and music, like singing and dialogue. We will share it with you in a desert, in a mountain, in a waste or in a beach, and we will thank GOD for we will inhale fresh air and for you who will watch us. We will enjoy together, you and us.