World Theater Day Message 2016

01Mar. 2016
Do we need theatre? The author of the Message of World Theatre Day 2016 is the Russian stage director Anatoli Vassiliev!

Comments by Hammid Reza Naeimi and Iraj Rad after watching the play “Pythian Oratorio”

30Jan 2014
The play “Pythian Oratorio” directed by Wlodzimierz Staniewski, a famous Polish director, has been staged at the sixth day of the 32nd Fadjr International Theater Festival with the attendance of the director general of Performing Arts Affair and a group of artists.

Relationship between Iranian and Polish theaters will be continued

01Jan 2014
The press meeting of Wlodzimierz Staniewski, the polish well-known director who traveled Iran through the invitation by Av Theater Group has been held in the conference hall of Shahr Theater Hall (Tehran City Theater).

The most prominent guest of Fadjr International Theater Festival from Poland

01Jan 2014
World-renowned theater director and the former special assistant of Jerzy Grotowski, Wlodzimierz Staniewski, will travel Iran to participate in the 32nd Fadjr International Theater Festival.

Opening Ceremony of “Ghader MoghTader” and “Archive”

20Nov. 2013
The Av Theater House will host the opening ceremony of stage plays “Ghader Moghtader Ba Te Do Noghteh”(Omnipotent) and “Archive” at Friday November 22nd 2013. At the ceremony, prominent artists will also attend

The “Yalda” ceremony (2013)in AV theatre house

01Nov. 2013
The Av Theater House will welcome the “Yalda Night Ceremony of 2013” at Friday night December 20th 2013. As past years, the Av Theater Group will celebrate the Yalda Night with music, poem and performance along with its attendants and audiences.

AV Theatre Triped to "Abraham" performance place after two Years

05Apr. 2013
AV Master members and some of active members and actors of "Melpomene" performance went to Varish

"Gilgamesh" at Av theatre House, host the Fajdr International Theatre Festival

16Jan 2013
31st Fajdr International Theatre Festival in the stage presentations will begin in January 21, 2013. This year, Av Theatre as one of the venues hosting the festival, will be hosting the intercultural "Gilgamesh" performance.