The most prominent guest of Fadjr International Theater Festival from Poland


A performance by Wlodzimierz Staniewski in Iran


World-renowned theater director and the former special assistant of Jerzy GrotowskiWlodzimierz Staniewski, will travel Iran to participate in the 32nd Fadjr International Theater Festival.

This director who has yet staged various performances on the international level takes the helm of Gardzienice Theater as the artistic director as well.

It should be noted that the Gardzienice Theater Group has been invited by Av Theater Group for this event, and will perform in another city of Iran in addition to Tehran.

It is expected that the play “Pythian Oratorio” might be staged in Vahdat Hall, Tehran by the Polish theater group, where several Iranian stage players will accompany Staniewski in a novel distinctive experience.

It is over 35 years since when Staniewski has sat on the chair of artistic director in the Gardzienice Theater. In 1970, he has become a member of Center for the Theater Practices “Gardzienice” through an invitation by Jerzy Grotowski, a famous theater scholar and director, to participate in its para-theater programs.

Staniewski has a close friendship and collaboration with Grotowski, as he has assisted this distinguished director in his various international projects. It should be noted that Grotowski also traveled Iran before Islamic Revolution of Iran to stage a performance.

The Av Theater Group which has already staged the performance “Gilgamesh” in the Gardzienice theater festival sponsors financially and spiritually the performance of Gardzienice Theater Group in the 32th Fadjr International Theater Festival. It is noteworthy that the invitation and the necessary provisions for performance of “Pythian Oratorio” has been provided through the coordination with the secretariat of the Fadjr festival and the Performing Arts Administration of the Cultural Department of the Ministry of Culture and Islamic Guidance.

Halina Filipowicz wrote in the book “Hidden Territories” compiled by Alison Hodge about the features of Gardzienice Theater Group: “Gardzienice’s work do not just change people's lives, but it is the retained memories of this beautiful experience which force us to expand our quiet and inactive intellectual capacity and perception.”

Further, it is expected that Staniewski holds a theater workshop in addition to the performance in Iran; that is while several Iranian artists will accompany the Polish theater group along with the Av theatre group.

Moreover, the Av Theater Group has also participated in the International Competition Section of the 32nd Fadjr International Theater Festival with the play “Melpomeni” directed by Babak Mohri, which will be staged during January 26th, 27th, and 28th in Av Theater Hall.

The 32nd Fadjr International Theater Festival will be held during January 16th – February 1st 2013 in Tehran, Iran. 


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